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Uniting Music and Animation

String Theory- Uniting Music and Animation

Storyboarding, Original Characters, Animation, Compositing, Musical Score: Alyssa L. Jackson 

Goal: To use art and music to tell a story. 

Logline: A witch and her companion journey into a dark forest to untangle a red string. 

Duration 7:30 minutes

Theme: Appointing oneself to prevent a violent outcome in an individual even if it requires facing absolute danger.  Space and Time via String Theory.  FULL VIDEO AND PROCESS. 


INTRO- Sagwa shows Luci the string she's been following in the woods. Luci fears Sagwa's intentions to interfere with the red string. 

INTRO- Sheet music

The String in the woods- Sagwa and Luci journey into the dark woods to find the interecting red string tangled in the center of a hollowed out tree. 

The String in the Woods- Sheet Music

Chase- Sagwa and Luci come face to face with the large demon guarding the bundle of string in the tree.  They flee.

The Chase- Sheet Music

Flashback- When Sagwa passes out. Her mind reveals why she pursued the string in the woods and took another's fate into her own hands

ENDING- Sagwa and Luci reach the clearing of the 

ENDING- Sheet Music

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