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                ALYSSA L. JACKSON




















     Alyssa wears many hats. She is a cellist, composer, audio engineer, educator and media artist.  Alyssa grew up interested in band, marching band and orchestra, playing flute, piccolo and cello. She also taught herself to draw browsing the 'how to' art books at her local barnes and nobles and observing fellow artist enthusiast at Desert Vista High school in Phoenix, Arizona.  Unsure about how to incorporate music, art and technology together.  Alyssa pursued her degree in Cello Performance from Brooklyn College. In Brooklyn College, she was able to apply her ambitious pursuits as a live cellist improvisor for Brooklyn College's Theatre Department, study different genre's of music and sound design. Eventually a Masters in Fine Arts in media Scoring from Brooklyn College's Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema where she played on numerous student films for young film composers. At Feirstein she was able to learn the craft of an audio engineer by running studio sessions,  create her first animated short, and problem solve with future film directors and music producers. When she joined the family of Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema she discovered that there were infinite possibilities to play with music, art and technology.  Alyssa continues to create and collaborate with others.  




Alyssa is currently taking classes at The Julliard School of Music to refine her skills as a composer as well as her indulge in her practice of composing with and without boundaries.   





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